Genius Snow Jam!!

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This Winter, while we have it, we are planning to host a Snowboard comp for kids 16 and under. The series name is called The Genius Snow Jam!! 

The competition is going to be set up like a Jam. Two kids are going to be on the course at the same time. They will each have 10-20 minutes to ride the course as many times as possible. They can be towed or hike to the top of the course.

The whole point of this comp for everyone to have an awesome time meeting new kids and to board with friends in a Fun and Safe environment.

Age Groups and Divisions

There will be no age groups or divisions. Everyone will compete against one another. However, handicaps by age and ability will be given to level the playing field. Everyone, regardless of age or ability has a fighting chance to win.


Age Handicap
< 7 +9
8 +8
9 +7
10 +6
11 +5
12 +4
13 +3
14 +2
15 +1
16 0


Ability Handicap
Beginner +30
Intermediate  +15
Advanced 0

Date, Time & Location

Thursday, March, 14th at 4:00 pm.
Willie G's house, 835 Silver Sage Dr, Pc, Utah 84098


Genius Sk8 & Snow

Other local sponsors will be announced at comp


Sick prizes will be given to the top 3 + Raffle 

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Past Comps

The Wedge, December 2017